Boys Visual Arts

Boys Painting“Art classes encourage me to try new things”

~ GVRC Participant

In the boys Visual Arts Workshops the instructors do more than merely teach drawing skills — they provide a non-judgmental atmosphere in which the students take ownership of the creative process by engaging with simple tools, such as a pencil and paper, while learning to make something new. Through this process the youth learn that creativity and engagement with common, accessible objects can be used as a means to channel anger and frustrations, not only while they are at GVRC, but also after they are released.

As the facility houses both short- and long-term residents, the instructors have developed a series of workshops that allow the youth to engage in long-term projects consisting of shorter segments that can be completed in one class. These projects foster individual creativity while at the same time enhancing their ability to work as a team. Examples include the East and West Wing murals, large scale abstract paintings, and 3-D projects that incorporate artistic and mechanical concepts.

The instructors developed this year’s program using a vivid approach to developing art — simpler lines and simpler applications with high visual impact. All uses of shadowing/rendering in 3-D form were eliminated with the sole intention of achieving greater results in less time for beginning artists. The instructors explored this idea with many different mediums so to allow for a greater understanding, while also, discovering many achievable directions one could take in creating art.

A newly created “gallery” at GVRC gives the youth an opportunity to curate and hang their own shows. Their works are also shown at the annual Arts in Detention exhibit at Buckham Gallery.